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People will never be replaced by machines. In the end, life and business are about human connections. And computers are about trying to murder you in a lake. And to me the choice is easy. – Michael Scott

If you’d like to follow along with me on this journey, I blog about marketing thawts, sports thawts, political thawts, bidness thawts, health thawts, spiritual thawts and try and make people laugh. Key word being try. Maybe I’ll eventually inspire you.

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CEO / Chief Storyteller

– The Marketing Squad –
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I'm one of the owners of The Marketing Squad. I currently act as CEO/Chief Storyteller. I really just take out the trash and buy stuff at Costco. If I'm not stocking up on goods at Costco, I'm usually bringing in new business, building current client relationships, or getting strategic and creative with our top partners. I do my best to lead our team according to our 8 Core Values, Vision and Core Focus. I love coffee, coaching softball (and a little baseball) and playing golf, volleyball and disc golf.

“Pioneers get slaughtered, and the settlers prosper. – Daymond John”

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Recent Posts

How I Got My First Clients 13 Years Ago

Email marketing.  The email client wasn’t ideal. I was using Godaddy’s old system before I eventually jumped on Mailchimp and then Hubspot. So don’t let where you’re at be an excuse. I started by adding a list of 150 names that I thought could do business with me or refer me to business. Notice I said […]

What If You’re Wrong About Masks?

What if masks make it worse? What if the mandates are making the cases go up? Steep curves up and to the right are what we’re looking for in stocks, business growth and other metrics. Not what we’re looking for with cases or deaths. Some of the places without mask mandates have lower cases than […]

You Voted for the Swamp

I’m back to blogging. We have a lot to cover these days. Why you voted for the swamp will be the first place I start. So why did you? Actually, I don’t care. Comments closed. I’ll tell you why. Cause Trump’s tweets. Cause Trump’s arrogance. Cause Fake Russia Hoax. Cause I listen to the media. […]

Why You Need Core Values in Your Business

A few weeks back we started a series about foundational aspects of your business identity. We discussed the importance of a shared company vision. Next time around we’ll talk about your Core Focus, Niche, and Mission. In a few weeks, we’ll discuss your Company’s Marketing Strategy. Finally, we’ll wrap up this particular series with a post on […]

I Never Understood the Importance of Vision

As I’ve grown as the leader of The Squad, things that previously had little meaning to me, now capture the majority of my focus. It’s quite the shift. I’m referring to our Core Values, Vision, and Mission (Core Focus). Our operating system is another. For many years I just thought, “We operate and that’s our […]

4 Leadership Observations From Andy Griffith

Our family loves watching Andy Griffith episodes on Netflix. I grew up watching the reruns with my dad, uncles, and grandpa on TBS or TNT. The show never loses its nostalgia for me. In modern days, I may look to Seinfeld or The Office for my fix, but I’ll never lose my love for Andy […]